How many people are currently experiencing the impact of nickel prices all the way

How many people are currently experiencing the impact of nickel prices all the way, many people are puzzled by the continuous rise of nickel prices, and how many people are looking forward to when nickel prices will fall step by step after breaking through the sky. In the current extremely complicated international situation, the metal market has also shown turbulence and instability. After experiencing some turbulence in steel prices, the recent price of some non-ferrous metals has also taken the price express, rising steadily, and there is no sign of braking. As an important alloying element of precision products, nickel prices have risen so high, and alloy prices have naturally risen along the way. The reasons for this are intriguing.
The first is the shortage of supply, and the imbalance between supply and demand is the root cause of the increase in nickel prices. The high demand in the market has far exceeded the current limited inventory. The global shortage of nickel metal has appeared earlier. Even if the output continues to increase, it still cannot meet the sharply rising demand. my country’s nickel production mainly comes from Indonesia and the Philippines. Affected by the global epidemic, the nickel-iron project has been delayed. , Affecting the output supply.
The second is the increase in demand. The final supply of nickel metal is stainless steel, up to 66%, followed by alloys, electroplating and batteries. With the continuous development and listing of new energy materials, especially the general trend of new energy vehicles, the growth rate of nickel sulfate production continues to increase, and this growth rate is much higher than the country’s limit on the production and reduction of stainless steel. Therefore, on the whole The demand for nickel is still increasing. Nickel prices will be “crazy” for a while.


Post time: Oct-13-2021

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