The use of pure nickel wire mesh

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The Pure Nickel Wire Mesh is used in the making of electrical contacts, mechanical fasteners, and electronic components. Sometimes to produce items for the medical industries, aerospace and creating batteries too. The Pure Nickel Wire Mesh is available in the wide range of diameters ranging from 0.030 to 0.500 mm as bare wire. Nickel Woven Wire Mesh is widely used as the filtration material in the mining, oil, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machine and other fields like electronics and battery production.

Nickel Wire Mesh is well-suited to operating temperatures over 600° F, this commercially pure nickel product will resist a wide range of corrosives. Because of its excellent mechanical characteristics, it has wide application in the electronic and aerospace industries. Nickel Wire Cloth is also suitable for chemical and caustic handling equipment and piping, magnetostrictive devices and food processing equipment.

Nickel wire mesh is interlaced using highly pure nickel wire. The nickel wire is widely used in corrosive environments such as filteration of gas, liquids, etc. There is endless usage of Nickel Wire Mesh, it has high stability and consistent filteration properties. It is used as a filteration media, catalyst and as an electrode.

Nickel Wire Mesh features

  • Resistant to chemical corrosion.
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Ferromagnetic.

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